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Stacy Cacciatore's Writing Portfolio
Learn how to incorporate your kids into your exercise routine to stay fit and get the entire family involved.

Article about doing yoga with your kids to stay fit and injury-free while running.

Losing 80 pounds and running my dream - Walt Disney World marathon! 
How I lost weight and ran the Walt Disney World Marathon!

Ask Stacy Column - Tips for Training for a Marathon (Published in My Carolina Town September 2011

Could school lunch be the reason for childhood obesity?

The latest research on school lunch's impact on childhood obesity

Too Pretty for Homework? (Published in Modern Parent in November 2011)

Why this innocent phrase is damaging to our young girls

Best Apps for keeping Fit on-the-go (Published in Modern Parent in October 2011)

Article about staying fit at Walt Disney World using your SmartPhone!

Which milk-substitue is best? Rice, Almond, Soy, Oh My!

Fun and Easy Christmas Crafts (Published in My Carolina Town December 2011)
Fun and easy crafts to do with you kids to make beautiful handmade gifts and keep them entertained over winter break

Acai Berry - Superfood or All Hype?

Tricks for fighting the Halloween treats!

Healthy road-trip snacks (Published in Modern Parent in September 2011)
The best diet-friendly snacks to keep with you at all times

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It (Published in Modern Parent in July 2011)


Do you ever get stuck in a diet rut eating the same foods for lunch everyday? Try out these new healthy lunch ideas with a new solution for each day of the week.
Alzheimer's is not curable, but there are some steps you can take to lessen the liklihood of this grim diagnosis.Spotlight on Kale
Nutrional profile on the healthiest vegetable on earth.
Tired of the box of chocolates and expensive dinner wrecking your diet on Valentines Day? Try these active date night ideas to connect with your loved one and get fit.
We've all heard the hype of pilates from celebrities, but did you know that pilates offers benefits to athletes, paralyzed indivduals and senior citizens?
Stacy's Walt Disney World Marathon experience
Try out these top five tips for staying motivated to workout when the temperature drops
This feature story covers the best exercises to try based on your personal interests, goals and lifestyle. There is something for everyone, they key is doing something that you love.  
Check out these new tips for keeping your diet in check during the busy holiday party season.
My top tips for eating healthy while dining out.
The YMCA is a philanthropic organization that contributes to strengthening the community
Want to burn calories in the new year without being tethered to the treadmill? Try out some of these everyday activities that you love and learn about how many calories you can burn in the process.
Did you know that winter squash is full of vitamins A and C, as well as potassium and fiber? That's not all - read the full article for the scoop on butternut squash and delicious recipes
Guide to the 2010 South Carolina election
Health and fitness newsletter for parents to provide tips on helping the entire family lead a healthier lifestyle.
Health and fitness newsletter for parents to provide tips on helping the entire family lead a healthier lifestyle.
Health and fitness newsletter for parents to provide tips on helping the entire family lead a healthier lifestyle.
Health and fitness newsletter for parents to provide tips on helping the entire family lead a healthier lifestyle.
The story of how I lost over 80 pounds and gained confidence.
"An apple a day keeps the Dr. away." There is a reason this cliche exists, it's true! Check out the top ten reasons why you should eat an apple a day.
Have you ever picked your own apples? Start a new tradition this year and pick your own!
Want to see your lovingly prepared healthy lunch in your childs' body instead of the trash? Read the top five tips for packing a healthy lunch that your kids will actually eat.
Make your new years resolution stick this year and find out the top five tips for eating healthy.
Everyone hears "Your Life Will Never Be The Same" after you have a baby, but find out how this Mom learned the true meaning of those words.
We've all heard the common dieting tips that just aren't practical or helpful, like "order off the appetizer menu," or "eat soup before you leave home." Read Stacy's insightful tips that you haven't already heard before.
Do your kids come home from school starving and then find the only unhealthy food in the house? Find out how to beat the after-school munchies with healthy treats your kids will actually eat.
Childhood disappointments....We've all had them. But, try to top having a Disney Vacation at your fingertips and taken away right in front of your eyes. Read "Disney or Bust" to find out more.
Did you know that raspberries have more fiber than any other fruit? Find out more healtful eating tidbits.
More and more American parents are shying away from giving their children responsibilities and chores, but there is danger in this style of parenting. Learn why we should take a lesson from the French and stop "helicopter parenting."