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Guilt-Free Cupcakes: Indulge without the bulge


By: Stacy Cacciatore
 With cupcakes that are loaded with flavor, without the added fat and calories, Guilt-Free Cupcakes: Indulge without the bulge, shows you how to satisfy your sweet tooth without expanding your waistline. From "Cubcakes" to "Grand Groundhog Cupcakes", you will not only find healthy recipes, but beautifully designed cupcakes for every occasion. 

You'll find: 
Recipes for more than 18 adorably decorated low-calorie cupcakes and frostings
Beautiful photographs of every recipe
Tips for baking light
Ideas for getting kids involved in the kitchen
Interesting nutrition facts and the latest research
Halloween, Christmas, character and animal cupcake designs
Fun facts, kids activities, party planning ideas and more! 

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   By: Stacy Cacciatore

Culinary Duct Tape is all about transforming fattening dishes into light and healthy treats with the magic of Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt  is the duct tape of the culinary world because it can be used in a variety of dishes - from binding casseroles to replacing the fat in baked goods to topping a baked potato.

Greek yogurt is not only delicious, creamy, tart and rich, but it is packed with protein, gut-healthy bacteria and bone-building calcium. Culinary Duct Tape, is filled with research on the health benefits of greek yogurt, new ideas, delicious recipes and fun tips for adding greek yogurt to your diet. You will not be disappointed in the rich flavor of these low-fat dishes. Visit culinaryducttape.com for more ideas! 

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CANDY AROUND THE WORLD (Coming April 2012)
By: Stacy Cacciatore
Family night has been reborn with Candy Around the World. Just when you thought that there wasn’t a way to teach your kids about history and culture without them becoming bored, out comes a fresh new book that takes the reader on an exciting confectionary tour around the world

Cacciatore makes learning fun by exploring the sweet confections native to countries around the world.  Each chapter focuses on a specific region and provides an exciting look into the history and origin of their sweet treat. From the history of how chocolate transformed from a bitter drink to the melt-in-your-mouth treats we have to today to the truth about the macadamia nuts’ origin.  You will also learn about the different holiday traditions around the world and enjoy the delectable treats that are associated with them. Your kitchen will transform into an exotic international palace as you experiment with the mouth-watering recipe’s that are provided in each chapter.  The reader will also be delighted to quiz their family and friends with the trivia questions provided along the way and can even gather family around for a night of fun playing the new found candy games sprinkled throughout the book.  This book is sure to be a delight for the entire family.  


Coming February 2012